Water Heater Parts in Coral Gables

The Largest Selection of Water Heater Parts in Coral Gables FL

If you need parts to repair your water heater, Coral Gables Plumbing  has you covered! We have a large selection of water heater parts so you can get your repair or replacement done quickly. We stock thousands of unique parts in our distribution warehouse. If you are doing a plumbing or remodeling job in Coral Gables and need the parts now, rest assured that Coral Gables Plumbing has the parts in stock.

Water Heater Parts in Coral GablesFrom A to Z, we carry parts and accessories from most every plumbing manufacturer available, and are just minutes from Fort Lauderdale. If you need a a specific plumbing part which don’t have, we will order it the same day. To find out if the plumbing part you need is in stock, please contact us.




We repair and service all types of leaks: bathroom, kitchen, wall leaks,
yard leaks, dripping faucets, slab leaks and more.

• Lavatories and sinks
• Faucets
• Toilets
Water heaters
• Garbage disposals
• Water filtration systems
Sewer service
• Swimming pool pumps, boilers
• Water leak repair, water service replacement
• Sewer service and/or replacement
Drain pipe video
Backflow preventer testing, repair, installation
• Toilet rebuild
• Faucet rebuild
• Tub, shower, valve rebuild
• Shower pan leak testing

Have a question or need a quote for a product or service? Call us at (305) 254-3434 or complete the form on this page. Click here for directions to our showroom.

We stock replacement parts for the following manufacturers:

•American Standard •Glauber •Ridgid
•Artistic Brass •Grohe •Royal Brass
•Bobrick •Halsey Taylor •Sayco
•Bradley •Harcraft •Sayoy
•Briggs •Harden •Sears
•Broadway •Haws •Sign of the Crab
•Burlington •Indiana Brass •Sloan
•Case •J.R. Smith •Speakman
•Central Brass •Kohler •Sterling
•CHG •Leonard •Streamway
•Chicago Faucet •Michigan Brass •Symmons
•Clayton Mark •Milwaukee •T&S Brass
•Crane •Mix-It •Union Brass
•Delta •Moen •Universal Rundle
•Dishmaster •Nibco •Valley
•Ebco •Perlick •Watts
•Eljer •Phoenix •Woodford
•Elkay •Powers •Wolverine
•Fisher •Price Pfister •Zurn
•Gerber •Prier