Photo of Seagull IV Water Filtration System applications including a home, RV, outdoors and camping.

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Coral Gables Plumbing is the only authorized distributor of the Seagull IV Water Filtration System in South Florida.

We stock a full line of Seagull IV units, as well as replacement filters and parts including hoses, modules, gaskets and more.

Seagull IV Water FilterDeveloped by the one of the lead purification experts, General Ecology, Inc., The Seagull IV Water filtration system was created with the single objective of creating the “Pure Science of Safe Water.™” General Ecology has offered its proprietary Structured Matrix™ cartridge technology for over 4 decades, providing clean, safe and delicious tasting water without the need of electricity or chemicals. The Seagull IV is perfect for a variety of different applications and is made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty.


Coral Gables Bathroom RemodelingFor home use, the technology that goes into the Seagull IV makes it a no brainer for your home, commercial and residential water purification needs.  Rather than “filtering” the water, the Seagull IV System provides WATER PURIFICATION. A professional solution designed to remove the contaminants found in the water in your home. for your home.

Marine and R/V

Wherever you are be it land, lakes, mountains or sea, clean and healthy drinking water is a must.  Popular among Marine and Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts, the Seagull IV is among the most trusted purification products to keep fresh water on hand during your travels.

Lead Removal

Seagull®IV Select and Nature Pure® Select systems were NSF-Certified to treat specific water issues including lead contamination.

High Quality, Versatile and Effective Water Filtration Systems

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