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Satisfy Miami’s DERM Requirements with Schier Grease Traps

Schier’s complete line of 99%-compliant hydromechanical grease interceptor systems (HGIs) satisfies Miami DERM’s newest grease interceptor requirements. Outlined in the FOG 2.0 Control Device Guidance Manual, these systems must include a solids interceptor, grease interceptor and sampling port. Graphic of Schier Solids and grease interceptor setup with sampling port from Miami plumber, Coral Gables Plumbing

Grease Production Sizing Chart Miami

Miami Grease Trap System Sizing Requirements

DERM’s two-step sizing method considers both flow rate and grease production to design the appropriate third-party certified system. For ease of specification per DERM requirements, Schier offers full-service sizing software through the Grease Monkey™ Sizing Service. Selection of the appropriate solids interceptor and sample well is at the discretion of the design professional since FOG 2.0 does not outline particular specifications for either of these components.

Low-Medium-High Grease Productions Values chart
Miami Derm Approved Grease Trap Models

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