Cast Iron Sewer Drain Pipe Repair in Miami

Sewer Pipe RepairDid you find a leak in your main drain pipe? Have you noticed water where it shouldn’t be, or experienced an odor in your house that shouldn’t be there? Damaged or broken cast iron sewer pipes can cause quite the mess if not dealt with properly in the early stages. Sometimes even an occasional drip of water can be the start of big problems down the road. Coral Gables Plumbing provides customers in the Miami area with options. Our highly trained plumbers will listen to your symptoms and can examine your plumbing to determine your options moving forward.

Identifying a Broken or Damaged Sewer Pipe

Symptoms of a damaged or broken main drain can be less obvious than sewage in your home, so you should contact a sewer pipe repair or replacement service like Coral Gables Plumbing if you notice any of the following:

  • dripping or flowing water in the proximity of drain pipes
  • corrosion, visible cracks, or broken pipes
  • persistently clogged drains
  • damp or wet spots inside your home
  • grass mysteriously green in one area of your lawn
  • decreased water pressure or flow

So how do you determine whether your pipes need to be repaired or replaced? Coral Gables Plumbing offers a variety of options. Our team can assess your pipes visually, or if the problem is not visible above ground, our cutting edge video sewer inspection will pinpoint the issue. Once diagnosed, we’ll show you a range of repair options to fit your budget.

Commercial drain cleaning Coral GablesWe use the latest in technology to offer a less expensive alternative to digging up your pipes: Permaliner Pipe Repair. Sewage pipe lining, also known as Cure in Place Pipe (CIPP) or trenchless pipe repair is a process of repairing your pipes from the inside out and can save you thousands compared to replacing your damaged sewer pipe. In some extreme cases, sewer pipe replacement may be necessary.

Our techs will assess your issue and show you the best way to move forward. Contact us today to receive more information and schedule an inspection.